Hanging out with Hackers & Hookers in San Francisco

It's that time of year again: Halloween. The season is changing, leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, everyone's digging out their hoodies, and we're all planning our next mind bogglingly thoughtless party.

Oh, wait, you weren't doing that last one? Well that's alright. It's good, even. Hacker Hideout, "a member based community center in San Francisco for thinkers and builders; tech lovers and business moguls; students and teachers alike", is taking care of that one for this year. On Friday, the "social event center" will be hosting "Hackers & Hookers", representing the Hideout's social entertainment services.

If you're one of the Hackers at Hacker Hideout, "you are supported by a community of others that are living and breathing, and dreaming of making something great, changing the world, and being rewarded for it." Basically, you're alive and you want to do stuff and be rewarded for it.

Think about being a hooker for a second. That definition runs something like, "you turned to prostitution to keep food on the table or were forced into it, you abuse drugs to clear your mind of what you now have to do, you can't stop being a prostitute because you won't have money to feed the addictions, and even if you get out of the sex trade, you'll likely still turn to drugs to scrub your mind of what you had to go through in the past. You dream of another life."

The Hacker network at Hacker Hideout, "provides valuable resources; at a minimum through others’ expertise and experiences you will take part in a knowledge share that can only enhance and help you prepare for your own execution plan."

Think about the hooker network for a second. Their pitch runs something like, "the community uses your body for small sums of money and you will take part in it for the foreseeable future, spending most of your income to numb your mind."

Members of the Hacker group were "just like you at one point." They had dreams, plans, and profitable business models. They were working towards their goals, and now they're united by a physical hub, destined for greatness.

Members of the hooker side of the party were also just like you at one point. They had dreams and plans. Now they're having sex for crumpled twenties so they can buy a honey bun and a couple of hits of dope.

The people who run Hacker Hideout don't take equity: it's for the hackers. Ever heard of a pimp?

Sounds like a great event. The flier says there will be girls there.